Pediatrics in HUEI.

Pediatrics in "HUEI": management of children from birth.

Pediatrics in "HUEI": management of children from birth. Our specialists conduct medical supervision of young patients from the moment of birth to 18 years and are ready to offer a full range of preventive, therapeutic, diagnostic and Advisory medical services. The clinic is receiving all children's specialists.

For newborn babies, we offer pediatrician observation programs: from the moment of discharge from the hospital during the first year of life, the child is observed by an attached pediatrician. The children's Department of the "HUEI" network has a powerful medical and diagnostic base, which allows to conduct a comprehensive laboratory and instrumental diagnosis of the child's health, and, if necessary, to develop an individual plan of correction and treatment.

The children's Department also offers unique subscription programs for children of all age groups, aimed at individual service for each young patient, in accordance with the peculiarities of his physiological and psychomotor development. As part of the program, your pediatrician monitors the child's health and develops an individual plan of medical care, rehabilitation and correction.

Our services in Pediatrics:

  • Consultations of all narrow specialists;
  • Laboratory diagnostics;
  • Ultrasound of organs, vessels, soft tissues and joints;
  • Functional diagnostics (ECG, blood pressure monitoring and determination of respiratory function);
  • Children's medical massage
  • Children's hirudotherapy
  • For your convenience and reduce stress in children, we offer the service "Sampling of analyses and biomaterials at home" and " Call a specialist at home. " Our professional specialists will quickly and painlessly carry out blood sampling at home, which will significantly reduce the stress of the baby. Call our round-the-clock control panel at the number: and invite a doctor to the house at any time convenient for You.

    For your convenience and at your request, we provide the results of the analysis by e-mail, you need to fill in the feedback form at the reception Desk in any of the branches of "HUEI". In our clinics worked only experienced doctors with medical experience of 5 years. All doctors of the children's Department " HUEI own special techniques that allow you to establish a trusting contact with each child, so that the observation was comfortable and caused only positive emotions in each of our little patient. In the children's Department "HUEI" is receiving narrow specialists:

    In the Department of Pediatrics, we have provided a service - medical examinations for admission to children's educational institutions-kindergarten, school.

    Our clinic is professionally engaged in all types of professional examinations for children, we are also ready for direct cooperation with educational institutions to conduct children's medical examinations.

    In the Department of Pediatrics you will be able to issue all types of medical documentation:

  • List of incapacity to care for a sick child;
  • Issue a medical card for admission to a children's educational institution;
  • Get help in school, sports section;
  • Get a referral for Spa treatment;
  • Registration of prescriptions for medicines (except for preferential).