SSNR Clinic

The medical center "SSNR-Clinic".

The medical center "SSNR-Clinic" is professionalism: in the medical centers SSNR-Clinic there are more than 1,500 qualified doctors of various specialties, including 197 candidates of medical sciences, 29 doctors of medical sciences, 8 professors, 2 academicians of RAMS, 9 associate professors and senior researchers.

Wide range of services: our format is a universal family clinic in which all types of medical care are provided to adults and children. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases in all areas of modern medicine. modern equipment: MRI and CT diagnostics, ultrasound, endoscopy, our own laboratory, where you can take more than 3000 tests and get the result as soon as possible.

High level of service: convenient work schedule, lack of queues, an individual approach to each visitor to the medical center, sensitive and attentive staff. ambulance and home help services: emergency care, emergency medical transportation, calling a doctor at home, examination and home procedures.

Hospitals: examination and treatment in a hospital. A comfortable stay under the watchful eye of specialists. urgent preparation of medical documentation: certificates, medical records, medical books and other types of documents that can be obtained urgently.

Promotions and special offers: SSNR Clinic has a cumulative discount system for regular visitors, seasonal promotions and special offers are available for our visitors. continuous development in the scientific and practical sphere: cooperation with leading research institutes and medical faculties of the largest universities of the country, the study and adaptation of foreign experience, the introduction of the latest medical techniques and service technologies.

We are proud that our patients trust us, recommending us to friends and acquaintances, as well as bringing their near and dear ones to us. Health is the most valuable thing a person has. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

Plastic Surgery Clinic SSNR Clinic THE MAIN FIELD OF ACTIVITY OF THE CLINIC OF PLASTIC SURGERY SSNR Clinic IS PREVENTION AND CORRECTION OF AGE CHANGES, PRESERVATION OF YOUR YOUTH AND BEAUTY. Clinic of Plastic Surgery "SSNR-Clinic" works and specializes in performing operations in various areas: aesthetic, reconstructive, intimate plastic and much more. As part of the SSNR Clinic multidisciplinary medical holding, we can offer our patients wider opportunities that distinguish our center from highly specialized plastic surgery clinics, including complete preoperative preparation and joint operations with general surgeons, gynecologists, urologists, and otolaryngologists , oncologists, etc.